martes, 29 de diciembre de 2015


Hola dreamers!

Hoy os traigo unas cuantas canciones de una cantante que me fascina:BIRDY!

Mis Canciones Favoritas 

 But if we're strong enough to let it in
We're strong enough to let it go oh oh
Let it all go, let it all go, let it all out now


And all you never say is that you love me so
All I never know is if you want me, Oh...
If only I could look into your mind
Maybe then I'd find a sign
Of all I want to hear you say to me
To me...

 We start running, running
We escape this town
We don't know where we're going 'til we turn up
Now keep on running, running
I can't slow down
And if I'm lost my shadows fall

Resultado de imagen de birdy people help the people
People help the people
And if you're homesick,
Give me your hand and I'll hold it.
People help the people
Nothing will drag you down
Oh, and if I had a brain,
Oh, and if I had a brain,


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